First Week of Classes

Classes have already started here at Joliet Junior College.  Last week we had our opening session.  The speaker at the session was Valencia Community College’s president, Sandy Shugart.  He is a very talented speaker and I took many lessons away from his session.  However, there was one point he made that hit me more than any of the others.

President Shugart pointed out that our craft is one where we get a “do-over” every semester.  Think about that.  Most of your students this semester will be meeting you for the first time. In addition, this may be their first exposure to the material you have been teaching for many years.  You have an opportunity to adjust your course based on previous semesters feedback and experiences (and should).

So, take the opportunity this semester (and all future semesters) to reflect on the newness of the material to your students.  Try to make the material fresh and exciting.  Share your passion for the subject and be the best that you can be for your students.