Interactive Stats 2e

Interactive Statistics 2e 

Interactive Statistics is based on the content from the hardcover edition.  However, this course is written entirely in MyStatLab.  Ideal for online, blended/hybrid, flipped, or traditional classes.

Interactive Statistics presents the material to the students through text, video, and interactive guided activities.  Each objective also contains MyLab Statistics exercises tied to your gradebook.  So, students are assessed as they proceed through their reading assignment.

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Student and Instructor Resources
  • Copy my MyLab Statistics courses
    • CourseID for my Coordinator Course: sullivan-pearson10924
      • This course includes interactive assignments, end of section homework, practice exams, mastery homework, and regular exams.
  • Guided Notebook
    • Students take notes in the notebook as they work through the interactive reading assignment.  Here is a sample from Chapter 10.
  • Student Activity Workbook
    • Tactile and Applet Activities that allow students to discover/experience concepts
  • Classroom Lecture Notes
    • These are lecture notes that I use with my students.
  • Learning Catalytics
    • Learning Catalytics is a "bring your own device" web-enabled clicker system.  Subscribers to a MyLab product get access to Learning Catalytics as part of the subscription.  George Woodbury and I wrote Learning Catalytic questions to accompany the Interactive Statistics text.  Email either one of us (George: or Michael: to gain access to the course.

Below is the Preface to the Student for Interactive Statistics 2/e.  The video provides an overview of the features of the product.