Interactive Stats 2e

George Woodbury and I have been very busy these past few months putting together the revision of the innovative Interactive Statistics text.  This text is written entirely in MyStatLab with the mantra "read a little, watch a little, do a little," meaning, we expect students to learn through text, video, and engaging/interactive discovery exercises.  Both George and I have been using the first edition in our classes (both online and face-to-face using a flipped model).  Our experiences with the first edition along with insights from faculty around the country formulated the revision plan for the second edition.

The first edition was a great success where George and I saw increases in pass rates in our courses.  But, we weren't the only ones who had success.  Read the case study from Sam Bazzi at Henry Ford College.

Below is a list of some of the new features that you will find in the second edition.

  • More Reading Assessments Questions
  • Excel Video Solutions
  • New Ligthtboard Video.
  • Updated MyStatLab Exercises
  • New Material on Bootstrapping, Simulation & Randomization Methods

Please contact your Pearson representative to see a demonstration of the exciting and innovative tool for learning statistics!

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