Statistics Videos

Learn about StatCrunch

A three-part video series in which Michael Sullivan shows the various tools offered in StatCrunch. 

Part I
Part II
Part III

Surveys in StatCrunch

The video below shows how create and administer a survey in StatCrunch.

Using StatCrunchThis

The video below shows how to use StatCrunchThis to extract data from a webpage.

Description of Videos that Accompany's all Sullivan Statistics Titles

The suite of videos available Sullivan Statistics is extensive.  Featuring both Michael Sullivan and George Woodbury, there are both instructional videos that develop statistical concepts and example videos.

The instructional videos often are from Michael's classroom lectures. You can hear his students asking and answering questions.  This gives the videos an authentic feel and therefore are more likely to engage your students.

The example videos offer a variety of solution approaches.  For each example, when appropriate, there are by-hand solutions, solutions using the TI-84 Plus calculator, solutions using StatCrunch, and solutions using Excel.

Finally, we added complete video solutions for all the Chapter Test problems.  This is a great resource for your students when they are studying for an exam, but the instructor is not available to answer questions (say, Sunday evening at 11 pm).

All these videos are available in the Video and Resource (Multimedia) Library of MyLab Statistics.