All the data for this text is located on Github.  Click on any chapter below to see a list of available data sets.  The URL for most data sets is


  • x is the chapter number
  • s is the section number (r is used for the chapter review problems and ct is used for the chapter test problems)
  • p is the problem number

For example, to retrieve the data set for Problem 31 in Section 4.1, use the URL

To retrieve the data set for Problem 10 in the Chapter 2 Review, use the URL

How to Upload Data to StatCrunch from Github

Step 1: Open StatCrunch. 

Step 2: Select Data > Load > From file > on the Web

Step 3: Enter the web address of the data set.  Be sure the delimeter is set to tab.  See below.

How to Upload Data to R Studio from Github

Step 1: Select "Import Dataset" from the upper-right window.

Step 2: Select "From Text (readr)..."  Note: You may need to install or update the package.

Step 3:  After selecting "readr", enter the URL of the data set into the window as shown below.

Click on the chapter to see a list of data available for the chapter.

Chapter 1
Data Collection

Chapter 2
Organizing and Summarizing Data

Chapter 3
Numerically Summarizing Data

Chapter 4
Describing the Relation between Two Variables

Chapter 5

Chapter 6
Discrete Probability Distributions

Chapter 7
The Normal Probability Distribution

Chapter 8
Sampling Distributions

Chapter 9
Estimating the Value of a Parameter

Chapter 10
Hypothesis Testing Regarding a Parameter

Chapter 11
Inference on Two Population Parameters

Chapter 12
Inference on Categorical Data

Chapter 13
Comparing Three or More Means

Chapter 14
Inference on the Least-Squares Regression Model and Multiple Regression

Chapter 15
Nonparametric Statistics