Statistics: Informed Decisions Using Data 7e

This is the hardcover (and original) text in the series.  The seventh edition incorporates the latest methods in teaching Introductory Statistics.  The goal is to provide the instructor with the utmost in flexibility while demonstrating the power of statistics to the student.  Each example and exericse is carefully selected to demonstrate statistical concepts while engaging the student.

New to this Edition


Instructor and Student Resources

  • Data
    • Click here for a chapter-by-chapter list of available data for download.  The data is housed at Github.  Curious as to how to house your data in Github? Click here.
  • Videos
  • Classroom Lecture Notes (Updated)
    • Classroom notes, which may be used by the instructor to deliver lectures to students.  Students may print these notes out and bring them to the classroom, which facilitates good note-taking and allows them to focus on the concepts.  The examples and activities in the classroom notes are different from those in the text and Instructor’s Resource Guide. New to this edition is the inclusion of examples that utilizes responses to Sullivan's Statistics Survey III.
  • Student Activity Workbook
    • Tactile and applet activities that allow students to discover/experience concepts.
  • Student Resources
    • Data Sets, Formula Card, Applets, Technology Guides
  • Technology Step-by-Step
  • R Guidebook (Updated)
  • A Comprehensive Corequisite Solution
    • The MyLab course comes with a complete corequisite solution.  The material is based on Michael Sullivan's Developmental Math Series.  However, the material was rewritten so that it addresses the needs of the Introductory Statistics student.